Creancer: Noun - Mentor

What is Sales Operations?

Sales Operations is the infrastructure and organisation within a company's sales group that ensure effective selling and positive customer relations.

Working in partnership with other groups in the organisation, good sales operations identify, define, and implement customer oriented, efficient and integrated sales processes, procedures and systems. This allows the organisation to transact more business, more efficiently with a goal to maximise revenue.

Sales Operations covers many aspects: contracts, revenue recognition rules, pipeline and forecasting methodologies, sales compensation, sales channel management, training, business practices and proper use of technology.

Where can Creancer help?

Creancer has many years experience of implementing effective Sales Operations practices. In particular:

  • First hand experience of the design, implementation and roll out of salesperson's tools for productivity gains (Technology enabled selling, product configurators, commission systems, territory planning, etc.). In particular this includes a detailed understanding of the potential successes and failures of these systems.
  • Design and implementation of pipeline and forecasting methodologies. How to make them easy for a sales person to complete, yet have enough detail for management to use.
  • Pricing strategies for local pricing initiatives. For example, how to manage exchange rate movements.
  • Designing and implementing sales process and procedures.
  • Implementing local customer contracts, rules for revenue recognition and legal guidelines.
  • Management of sales channels, both direct (country operations) and indirect (distributors and agents).
  • Practical onsite assistance to the Sales Manager to help rigorously analyse a salesperson's pipeline to ensure forecasted business is realistic.
  • Sales Training, for example to change the focus from product selling to solution selling.
  • Creating compensation systems for commission and other incentives, to ensure the sales force is motivated to reach the company's goals.