Creancer: Noun - Mentor

What's important about coming to Europe ?

While many overseas corporations (typically based in the USA) believe that Europe is a single coherent commercial marketplace, it is not. Europe is still a collection of individual highly nationalistic countries with their own cultures, legalities and markets. The overall framework of a "United Europe" does exist, but the reality of conducting business in Europe is far from straightforward.

That said, European markets and in particular IT markets, present high levels of sophistication and opportunity. Expanding US-based companies must continue to address Europe aggressively, or run the risk that their competitors will beat them to the market! However, rather than try to conquer the entire continent, they must create strong local operations in a few countries before rolling out products and services elsewhere.

Typically the UK is chosen as the first country in Europe because of its market potential coupled with the comparative ease of doing business compared to some of its neighbours. Then by building an infrastructure in the UK with a European support team, reference customers, etc., entry into other countries can be accomplished more easily, at a lower cost and in a controlled, structured way.

How can Creancer help?

Creancer can help set up the UK Operation quickly and effectively - dealing with all the legal aspects, whilst generating market awareness and early sales. In particular:

  • Sourcing office space in the right location with access to shared facilities to reduce initial cash outlay.
  • Assistance with the production of a meaningful business plan.
  • Creating a legal local business operation.
  • Formulation of a pricing plan for the territory.
  • Setting up local accountancy functions, typically outsourced.
  • Production of contracts and procedures for staff and business that comply with local regulations.
  • Generating early sales leads through personal contacts and telemarketing services.
  • Purchase and implementation of necessary technology to ensure effective working.
  • Recruitment of staff as appropriate.
  • Promotion of the organisation through PR and other marketing initiatives.
  • Ensuring compliance with local regulations, e.g. Data Protection Act.
  • Expansion of the organisation into other countries via direct or indirect sales channels.
  • Providing the US parent insight into International operations.