ABOUT Creancer

Creancer: Noun - Mentor

Who are Creancer?

Creancer was formed in 2003 by GRAHAM ASHLEY to allow others to share in the wealth of knowledge gained by Graham from thirty years of working primarily in the IT industry, in companies such as Gartner, Cray Research and ICL.

Graham is an internationally focused General Manager and Sales Operations professional, with unusually broad experience (and a successful record), based on a first class technical background and with particular skills in:

  • Setting up and successfully growing the International business of start-up environments.
  • General Management, marketing, sales, business planning and project management.
  • Helping US management understand the most effective ways to do business internationally.
  • All aspects of Sales Operations to fully support a large multicultural sales force.

Another way of looking at the skills that Graham offers is as follows:

  • He is a Marketing executive who understands the sales process, having been a salesman.
  • He is a Sales Manager who understands the needs of marketing.
  • He is a General Manager who has been a technician, a project manager, a salesman and a marketing manager and hence understands the needs of his team.
  • He has been a salesman and understands what sales people need to be successful.
  • He has worked in the UK , under US management with sales teams throughout Europe and Asia Pacific and understands worldwide business.
  • He is a senior manager who understands achievable sales quotas, having set them and exceeded them.

Graham is an Accredited Associate of the Institute for Independent Business.

What does Creancer mean?

The name Creancer is a noun, used infrequently in modern English, that means MENTOR. See the Links/Sites of Interest for more rare English words.